Frequently Asked Questions

This program is completely flexible, so your child can work at his or her own pace. Lessons take about 30 minutes; most students complete 2 or more lessons per week.
Most students finish the program in 6-8 weeks.
Use the following guidelines, or call us at 1-800-903-0954 and we will help you determine which materials are right for your child.
  • Weak Reader – Your child has struggled with reading in 1st grade and needs a lot of support when he or she reads.
  • Average Reader – Your child has been on track with reading in 1st grade.
  • Strong Reader – Your child has been very successful with reading in 1st grade and is ready for a challenge.
Yes. The lessons are designed so that children can complete them independently. All you need to do is provide your child with the materials.
Once your child’s books and materials have shipped, you’ll receive an email explaining how to log in to the program website. The website has a section for parents, where you’ll find instructions for getting your child started, as well as information about the skills and activities.
Yes. The program’s video instruction is delivered through a website. Your child will log on to the website each time he or she does a lesson.
The program cost is $229, plus $11.95 shipping and handling.
Refund requests must be made within 14 days of receipt of your child’s program materials. You will be responsible for returning all books and materials, in undamaged condition, and will be charged a $15 processing fee.
Summer 2018 Priority List

Sign up for the 2018 priority notification list, and receive a $20 discount for a reading program in your area.

Note: These non-credit summer reading programs are offered as a community service by UT Conferences and Non-Credit Programs. The programs are not endorsed by or affiliated with the UT College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences.

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