Independent Reading in Great Books

Reading great books at the right level of difficulty is the best way for your child to develop fluency, comprehension, and a love of reading.

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Weak Readers

Weak readers will build skills, confidence and motivation as they read these wonderful books.

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Average and Strong Readers

These great books are at the right level of challenge and skill development for average and strong readers.


The Best Books Booklist

This booklist will help you choose books at the right level after the program is over, so your child will continue to develop skills, confidence, and a love of reading.

Summer 2019 Priority List

Sign up for the 2019 priority notification list, and receive a $20 discount for a reading program in your area.

Note: These non-credit summer reading programs are offered as a community service by UT Conferences and Non-Credit Programs. The programs are not endorsed by or affiliated with the UT College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences.

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